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Recently arrived for wrecking


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Heaps of FX FJ Utes Sedans, FC Utes Station Wagons and Sedans, EJ Station Wagons, EH Sedans Wagons Utes, HD HR Utes and Sedans 80% runners and large number will suit restoring, refer to beginning of photo gallery.

HOLDEN Commodore VE Sedans Most body panels, all V6, Autos, mags, good K's

HOLDEN RODEOS 1989 to 2008 good stocks  many models to choose from, all low Ks- one Extra Cabb with approved 3rd seat - most driven, one hydraulic lift tray..

- 2 x Xtra cabs, well type, both driveable, one some rust - minimal damage.

- 2000 TF DUAL CAB 4 x 2 V6 3.2 manual 74000K's passenger guard and suspension damage.

- 1997 TF 4 x 2 TRAY BACK 2.6 LITRE passenger guard front b/bar and h/light damage good Ks.

- 1999 TF 4 X 4 tray back 2.8 litre TURBO DEISEL hit in tray back of cab damage good Ks.

- 1997 TF 4 x 4  TRAY BACK 2.8 LITRE TURBO DEISEL EXTRA CAB manual poor motor no damage.

- 2004 RA 4 x 2 TRAY BACK 2.4 LITRE PETROL manual drivers guard front b/bar and h/light damage 74000 Ks.

- 1999 TF 4 X 4 tray back V6  3.2  litre  manual light front damage 10100 Ks.

- 2002 TF 4 x 4  TRAY BACK 3.0  LITRE  INTERCOOLED TURBO DEISEL light roll over most panels damaged 103000 Ks.

- 2005 RA 4 x 4  TRAY BACK 3.0  LITRE  INTERCOOLED TURBO DEISEL roll over most panels damaged 61000 Ks

.- 2006 RA LT 2wd TRAY BACK 3.0  LITRE  INTERCOOLED TURBO DEISEL x 2 mild dents some panels 48000 Ks & 58000 Ks all driveable.

ZAFIRA WAGON hit rear driveable good Ks good front

HOLDEN ASTRAS ALL GOOD Ks. (see photo gallery)

- TS  CD MANUAL HATCH manual slight front damage no front panels.

- TS  City  auto  HATCH  auto heavy passenger panel damage.

- TS  CD MANUAL HATCH  18XE motor manual slight front damage no front panels.

- TS  CD MANUAL HATCH manual light drivers panel damage and suspension.

- TR  City  auto  HATCH  auto heavy front  panel damage.

- TR  SPORTS PACK  HATCH  MANUAL light suspension damage passenger side mags spoilers.

- TR  HATCH  MANUAL heavy hit passenger rear most front.

- AH WAGON AUTO  CDX auto 30000 Ks damage light passenger front guard passenger door passenger rear .

AH ASTRA SEDAN & COUPE '04 and '07 good fronts, 50,000 to 60,000 k's each, one Z18XE and Z18XER engine, auto and manuals.

HOLDEN VECTRA   (see photo gallery)

- 1997 COMPLETE DRIVEABLE new engine harness good Ks.

- 2002 and 2005 2.2L also most parts

HOLDEN 2004  CRUZE  ALL GOOD Ks - (see photo gallery)

- 2002 Complete front mirror rear damage

- 2004 X 2  MANUALS some front and rear panels.

HOLDEN 2007 VIVA WAGON complete front hit driver's side doors only excellent Ks

- HOLDEN 2006 VIVA HATCH most models

HOLDEN FRONTERA  1995 4WD  Was driveable some front suspension damage, motor gear box running gear panels all OK.

Holden VZ Ute Crew Man Sedan and wagons, 3.6 motors GEN 111 SV6 Motors and transmissions to suit all lots of parts all.

Holden Commodore  VT SS GEN111  6 speed sedan  All  panels  from  front  door  to rear  Manuals 6 speeds and Autos  Mag wheels. 

Other GEN 111s 6 speeds and autos both Sedan and Utes.

Holden Commodore  VU ute V8 Gen 111  series 2 Automatic also 6 speed.    

Holden WH  Statesman  V6  Supercharged and AutoAlso 5.7 Gen 111 and auto. Good  motor and gear box  all checked most rear panels cloth and leather seats.


- Holden Commodore VT  SS  Chevy, 5.7 Gen 111  6 speed  Most   front and  rear panels and  accessories good.  Good  kilometers. 16 x 7" pursuit  wheels.

Holden Commodore VT  SS  5.0l  5 speed Getrag: 3 vehicles  VT Holden by Design 195 Kws. Good parts from the front  head lamps, rear tail lamps,  all doors power windows, limited slip differential  SS  wheels, tow bars, CD players.

- Holden Commodore VT V6 Supercharged automatic, all checks  out  good    Most panels, mag  wheels 

- Holden Commodore  VT sedans and wagons, Several most parts, panels and mechanicals V6  auto and Getrag manuals  low  Ks  Calais  mags,  tow bars 3rd seats

- Holden Commodore  VX   sedans wagons and utes V6  5 speed Getrag, Most front panels, low  Ks  heavy duty tow bars,  7  pursuit rims. Hard cover suits  Utes. Sedan Body kit Side Skirts Declid Spoiler  Rear Bar all Fiberglass (no front bar damaged)

Holden Commodore  2002 VX  VX R8 255kw driveable front damage very light RHR Door Heavy big brakes (Premium HSV)

- Holden Commodore  VY sedans wagons and utes V6 5 speed Getrag and autos, good Ks, tow bar, Nice mags

- Holden VQ  Commodore Statesman 5.0l  Several  automatic gear box,  V6 and most  parts,  power windows, IRS differential, nice interior, genuine later model Holden mag wheels. Complete cars driveable.

- Holden VS Commodore Statesman Super Charged  V6   automatic gear box, very good front power windows, IRS  differential, velour interior, genuine Statesman Holden mag wheels. V8 and V6, complete driveable cars.


- Holden VR Commodore and Statesman V6  automatic both V8  5 speed  and V6. Many to choose from. Mostly  all parts and  panels.

- VS SS V8 Commodore 5 speed Getrag and Automatics good Ks all good mechanicals. Good front and most  panels  Mag wheels

-  Holden VN Commodore  SS sedan   5.0l auto and T5 manual:  Many to choose from  SV  5000  7"  mag wheels and Walkinshaws, side skirts, rear bumper kit, club sports deck lid spoiler,   

-  Holden VS 111 Utes 5.0l auto  and Getrag  5 speed. V6  auto and 5 speed  Getrag  Many  to choose  from   Heavy duty rims,  LSD  diffs, heavy  duty  tow bars. Low Kilometers.

-  Holden VP V6  Commodores  and Lexcen:   Several to choose from both  sedans  and station wagons. All panels front and rear as well as all mechanicals, auto and 5 speed,  including  front bench seat and accessories to convert buckets to bench seat, nice set of Calais sedan seats.

- Holden VP V6  Commodore utes that is VG ute:   Good front panels  and rear panels, Automatics and T5 5 speed to choose from,  14, 15", 16" and 17 mag wheels  standard and  limited slip differentials,  front  bench seats.

- Holden VN V6  Commodores sedans, station wagons and utes:  Heaps  to choose from, all panels both automatics and  5 speeds, plenty of mag wheels, limited slip differentials, some body kits

- Holden VR V6  Commodores Several sedans and station wagons, all front panels, bumper bars, lights, bonnets and rear panels available, some nil damage, most are automatics, complete 5 speed  conversion  from  auto to manual, both independent and live rear differentials,  ABS and  non ABS, good range of interior trim, several set of mag wheels and rear spoilers  

- Toyota Lexcen  VR  and VS Good front panels  most suit Holden VR and VS

- Holden VS V6  Commodores:  Several sedans and station wagons, all front panels, bumper bars, light, bonnets and rear panels available, most are automatics, complete 5 speed conversions from auto to T5 manual and Getrag 5 speed, both independent and live rear differentials,  ABS and non ABS, good range of interior trim, some mag wheels and rear spoilers.  

- Holden VL commodores 6 cylinders RB30 and V8: standard, Calais nose cone parts,  and executive modelsvery good supplies of  both  auto and 5 speed,  plenty of mag wheels including  sets of Simmons and Walkinshaw  mag wheels.

-  Holden commodore VK  many to choose from 6 cylinders auto and 5 speed,  carby and EFI, V8 good range of parts  Ford  9 and Salisbury to suit.

- Holden  WB  Statesman Deville and Caprice very good 5.0 litre and  trimatic, turbo 400 and 350 Utilities  good supplies of all parts,  Panel van trimatic, very good front,  salisbury diff,  Mag  wheels,  GTS guards.

- Holden  WB  Tonners and utes blue 6 cylinder, V8  4 speed and auto Good  alloy  trays All parts

(Remember we have large stocks of new WB parts which are no longer available from your Holden Dealers and soon to be unavailable new any where)     


Holden  Barinas  MB to  TK   most parts  Combos one SRI, 18XE, motor poor.

Holden FB to EK  utes - see photo gallery. One complete sedan  plus heaps of spares.

Holden Gemini's TD to RB both petrol and coupes  most  parts and panels

Holden Toranas LC/LJ  6 cylinder: Disc front end,  Full front panels for front cut, very good 4 door doors and rear panels.

- Holden Toranas  LH /UC  6 and V8  auto and 4 speed, good mechanicals and panels mag wheel  incl 13 and 14  Mag wheels one very good SF4 UC too good to wreck, M20 Trans.

Holden HK, HT, HG. - see photo gallery - Premier and Kingswoods sedans  good range.

HQ  Sedans, Wagons, Tonners  and Utes  good range including GTS guards, GTS  wheels, standard, Statesman and Premier  fronts. HQ utes complete with 3 speed syncro and floor shifter, M20 4 speed mag wheels standard nose cone as well as Statesman nose cone.

EJ and EH sedan, station wagon heaps to choose from SOME TOO GOOD TO WRECK one ute with HR disc brake front end and M20 gearbox good restorers good parts and most panels (see photo gallery)




EH Station Wagon  professionally repaired front guards and doors, some very good parts 

HJ /HZ   Sedans, Wagons, Tonners  and Utes  GTS dash  one with hotwire mags wheels GTS look a like spoilers Premier/Statesman nose cone good condition plus heaps of good parts

- HJ /HZ   Statesman's and  Station Wagon   Turbo  350 and 400  gear boxes and  5.0l  motors all very good some spot on panels and most other parts.

2 X HR UTES, BARE BODIES ANFD FRONT SUB FRAMES  both sand blasted - one with sedan tail lamp, metal fitted.

  HD and HR Sedans and utes most parts some suit restoring  (see photo gallery)

JACKAROOS SEVERAL FROM EARLY TO LATE - 2.6L, 3.0L, 3.2L, 3.5L - heaps and heaps of parts.


We only list recent arrivals for a week or two until most parts are sold or removed for storage.  If you do not see what you may require like the faithful old Kingswood, FX, FJ, FE, FC, FB, EK, EJ, EH, HD, HR, HK to HG, early commodores and more, we will still probably have it or be able to find it for you.

Please call or email us, and in your email, a phone number please as it is easier to talk than type.